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SpecialEffect News

27 Mar 2014

Less of a pain for Pip

A big shout out to Pip, an avid gamer with a fantastic personality who's raised £1000's for us in her amazing gaming marathons. A feat made even more extraordinary given that she has hypermobility in her fingers, a condition that gives her pain when she holds a controller.

Before we met her, she’d been using the middle joints of her fingers to press the controller buttons, but as a result she was bending her fingers into positions that they shouldn't have - and the pain returned.

We arranged to meet up with Pip at Multiplay's Insomnia50 event in 2013, and experimented with a few controllers and mounting arms. To her delight, the lighter buttons of a Razer Xbox 360 control pad, in combination with some careful mounting of the controller, freed up strength from other parts of her hands and now she can comfortably press the buttons with the ends of her fingers!

“For the first time since I can remember, I managed to concentrate on a console game without having to divide my time between worrying about my hands and enjoying the game,” said Pip. “Thank you!”

“I actually managed to sit down and lose myself in a game I hadn't been able to before yesterday. My husband had painkiller gel on standby for about four hours before I surfaced from the game's story to announce 'Nahh, my hands feel good!' and then dived back into it again.”

“I can now play games for extended periods of time (escapism is bliss) without worrying about any pains or strains on my joints. And without these guys I wouldn't be able to stream, a gift I'm very grateful for.”

No problem Pip, and a massive thank you for your support as well!

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