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25 Jan 2013

Last chance to support our tough guys

It's snowing again outside, and I'm glad I've got a steaming mug of coffee to drink and a comfy chair to sit on while I'm tapping away here.

Spare a thought then for our intrepid team of 18 men and one brave lady from games companies Audiomotion Studios, Cubic Motion, Codemasters, FreestyleGames and Sega and the Griffin pub in Witney who are doing the Tough Guy Challenge for us on Sunday!

They must be absolutely nuts but we love them for it!

Tough Guy is the world’s most difficult assault course. It's a 15km mud run involving 25 obstacles in freezing conditions. The Killing Field section alone has barbed wire, electric shocks, fire pits and ice pools often resulting in cuts, scrapes, burns, dehydration, hypothermia, acrophobia, claustrophobia, sprains, twists, and broken bones. Ouch and Ouch again!

That's surely got to be worth a few pounds?

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