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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

24 Feb 2017

James is spinning a yarn

With GameBlast17 in full swing, here’s a great example of how your donations will help. Meet James, a fantastic six year-old who’s a below elbow amputee. He enjoyed playing on his old PS2, but wanted to see if he could master any PS4 games before his parents committed to buying a console, so he came to visit our Games Room this week.

“He had to cross his arms over to access all the controls which, as you can expect, wasn’t great for posture,” said Nomi, one of our Occupational Therapists. “So we swapped over the sticks and swapped the face buttons with the D-Pad buttons so he could use his left hand more.”

Even though he’s a huge Star Wars fan, James fell in love with EA’s Unravel.

“He loved the little Yarny.” said Nomi. “He was able to use his smaller arm to hit switch adapted buttons, and the right analogue stick to lasso and negotiate through the beautiful world.”

Thanks for visiting, James. We loved your determination and your adorable laugh!


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