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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

26 May 2017

Jacob's expanding his gaming horizons

Great to catch up with our friend Jacob this week. He’s FIFA-mad young teenager with tunnel vision, hearing difficulties and cerebral palsy, and we’ve previously helped him to take on Battlefield using a custom control setup.

His console's been playing up, so Cam and Bill went to take a look and try some new gaming ideas out at the same time. They updated his PS3 and began adjusting some in-game FIFA settings to make things visually clearer.

“We set up the dynamic camera mode with a custom zoom so he can see the active player more clearly,” said Cam. “The white ring around the active player’s feet is a great visual aid, and we changed the ball colour to red as he can see this better. As a result he said it was too easy, so we changed the difficulty level from Amateur to Semi-Pro!”

The team also left him with SEGA Rally to try. They set the camera view to first person, decluttered the screen and turned up the navigation prompt volume to help with auditory cues. They also turned on the feature that keeps the car on the road so Jacob could learn the courses faster. 

Oh, and it turns out that Jacob’s a keen downhill skier and loves taking on the slopes with a skiing buddy, so Cam and Bill introduced him to EA's SSX, which he quickly picked up and was tearing up the halfpipes on his snowboard in no time!

Below: Jacob (when we visited late last year):

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