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SpecialEffect News

30 Jan 2014

“I've never seen Addison have so much fun!”

A couple of weeks ago Bill and Gill went to Derbyshire to visit Addison, who’s nine years old.

Addison was born a healthy child without any disability, but when he was 11 months he woke from an afternoon nap unable to move. He was on a life support machine for almost a month and his condition, transverse myelitis, left him permanently paralysed from the chest down. There’s no cure. 

Despite this, Addison never complains - he has the liveliest character, a wicked sense of humour and he loves video games. 

He’s got a bit of movement in his arms, so he’d worked out a way to use the side of his hands to have limited control of a PlayStation joystick and controller buttons. But playing any game with a speed element just wasn’t possible. He couldn’t keep up with his sister Tiegan and his friends.

Bill and Gill were able to adapt his controller so he can hit the bumpers and triggers as quickly as everything else, and what a huge difference it’s made!

“I've never seen Addison have so much fun!” said his mum. “Addison’s managing to keep up with his sister and his competitive nature’s shining through - no more giving up and getting deflated and frustrated!”

“That in itself is a huge, huge achievement. It's the longest I've ever seen Tiegan and Addison play together - it's as if Addison's new found gaming skills has brought them closer together. It's so lovely to see them doing something together on a level playing field.”

“I’m in no doubt that what you've done for Addison, and ultimately for our family, will have a profound effect on us all. Being disabled doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to join in and have fun - you guys make it all possible.”

We’re absolutely chuffed to have been able to help Addison. His ‘let's just get on with it' attitude inspires everyone around him, and it’s an absolute privilege to have met him.

Below: Addison's sister's now got serious gaming competition

Below: Making the most of Minecraft, his favourite game

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