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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

20 Jun 2018

#ChickenForCharity - the games industry PUBG clash

The team roster is confirmed for #ChickenForCharity, the UK’s first games industry PUBG tournament.

Friday's event will see 100 games devs going head-to-head over four games of PUBG to decide which studio is the 2018 #ChickenForCharity champion! SpecialEffect will also be entering two volunteer teams, headed-up by special guest captains RageDarling and FlowDriver.

The tournament will be live-streamed on from 13.00-17.00 BST on Friday 22nd June, in a special broadcast from GAME’s BELONG esports studio hosted by The Simms, Talha and JohnPee.

PUBG background with event logos

Alongside the main competition, participants are also finding all kinds of inventive ways to fundraise including “Are you chicken?” dares and a challenge to see who can create the funniest team photos on Photoshop. You can find out more here:

Tom Donegan, Events Coordinator at SpecialEffect said: “It’s fantastic to see such an enthusiastic response to #ChickenForCharity from our friends across the games industry. We’d like to thank SEGA Europe for their support in helping to make this happen and PUBG Corp. for allowing us to use the phenomenal PUBG. We’re really grateful to everyone who has signed up to play and can’t wait to see who will be the ‘winner, winner’ at the end of the day!”

If any studios are still interested in taking the final team spot, please contact Tom Donegan at

The #ChickenForCharity teams are:

Twitch Ad team
JustGiving Legends
Coatsink (Team Coat)
Coatsink (Team Sink)
Tt Games (Chicken Chasers)
Tt Games (Brick-en Dinner)
SEGA (Ages)
SEGA (Jabs)
SEGA (Cluck Norris)
Interior Night
Splash Damage
EA (Frostbite)
EA (Criterion)
Wish + Bossa
Ubisoft Leamington
Ubisoft Reflections
Creative Assembly (CAntTouchThis )
Rare (Pirates of Chicken Isle)
Steel Media SpecialEffect Volunteers (RageEffect)
SpecialEffect Volunteers (TeamFlow)

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