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12 Jul 2017

Improved loan setup kicks Chris into action

We’re sometimes asked why we generally loan equipment to the people we help, rather than give it to them. One of the reasons is that sometimes, after the excitement of being able to play again, the setups we create might prove trickier to use over time.

Take Chris, for example. We went back to see him recently as he’d found that a setup based around a PS4 controller we’d lent him a few months ago wasn’t working out that well, despite being great at the time.

Now he’s trying a bigger joystick - a Lepmis low profile unit mounted on a Maxess tray - along with a couple of large remapped buttons he can press with his left hand.

Chris is a big fan of FIFA, and he’s now really enjoying his football with his improved setup!

Our loan system meant that Chris hadn’t had to spend money on a setup that ultimately wasn't suitable. If his new kit proves to be the right solution for the longer term, we’ll give him a suppliers list of all the bits so he can buy his own. We’ll then be able to reuse the original equipment to help someone else!

Below: Chris lines up a shot

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