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SpecialEffect News

25 Apr 2017

How your support has helped us in 2017

Thanks to your amazing support we’ve hit the ground running this year. We're bringing the magic of games and inclusion to more people than ever, and there’s a fantastic buzz here at the moment with so much fundraising activity, research, presentations… oh, you name it. It’s bonkers, but brilliant.

Your help has enabled us to expand the size of our Games Room, and it's regularly visited by people like Corey, James and their families. Sometimes it’ll be the first time they’ve been able to play, and we can loan and set up the equipment they need at home so they can carry on the magic with their friends and families, instead of having to watch others having all the fun.

How your support has helped us in 2017

We’ve recently invested in a fifth van to help us cope with the demand for our support, and every day we have teams of technical specialists and occupational therapists travelling the length and breadth of the UK to give our unique personalised assessments to people like Paul, Steph and Joshua who can’t travel to our Games Room.

Stargaze workThen there’s our StarGaze work. It provides the introduction, support and loan of eye-gaze technology when it matters most, right after an accident or illness. It has the potential to open the door initially for emergency communication, but can lead to independence in education, work and leisure. StarGaze doesn’t hit the limelight that often out of respect for the privacy of individuals and families involved, who are going through sudden and massive life challenges, but it’s the often most intense part of our work. The impact is often remarkable.

We’re humbled that you're signing up in even greater numbers for our fantastic events. February’s GameBlast smashed it’s target of £100k, and over 130 supporters put themselves through the gruelling Monster Race a few weeks ago. We’re also over the moon that the epic Twin Town Challenge car rally, which raised £300k last year, is happening again in 2018!

But we can’t (and don’t) take any of this for granted. We still start each year with no guaranteed funds and no statutory funding. We’ll never charge for our services, and we’re not a charity with a forceful ask either, so we continue to need even more support to ensure we can keep up with the ever-increasing demand for our work.

We’re lucky to count you among our supporters, Thank you so much for being there for us!

Monster Race

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