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SpecialEffect News

04 Feb 2013

"His friends come round, but they end up playing outside with his brother."

Gav was talking about a visit he'd just made to assess a seven year-old boy with severe disabilities who was desperate to be able to play computer games. "It's these kinds of visits that really bring it all into focus," he said. "He's gutted. His friends mean well, but they're seven as well - they love to be physically active and competitive."

That's why Gav will be going back again with more equipment. "We might not be able to do anything about the active side, but we're determined to help with the competitive aspect. If we can get him on a level computer gaming playing field, it's going to make all the difference."

Gav, Mick and Gillian are out on visits across the country virtually all this week, and the requests for help keep on coming. It's why we're urgently looking to more than double our annual fundraising to raise the £0.5m we need this year to meet the rising demand.

But it's a challenge we're all relishing. This week we've increased the hours of some of our team, and in a month or so we'll be doubling our assessment capacity so that we can help more disabled people gain a better quality of life.

And the only reason we've been able to do this is through your stunning fundraising efforts. Large and small, they ALL make a difference. Really.

A couple of examples: There's the splendidly-named Cape of Good Hope pub who are gradually raising £1k through their pub quizzes and their funky thermometer:

Or the magnificent Steve Venezia who's donating the profits from his Zombie Pie games. And sending us mugs!

gaming4others and high fives + changing lives stepping up to the plate again with games marathons, Manor Flooring continue to donate executive box tickets to league football matches, and Focus Multimedia are donating a percentage of their latest games bundle profits.

We can't thank you enough. Let's get people playing together again.

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