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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

15 Nov 2013

Helping Bradley aim high

We first met Bradley when he walked up to our stand at Insomnia49 and introduced himself. We were immediately struck by his confidence, his love of gaming, and a fierce determination to play games to the best of his abilities.

Huge respect to this guy. He was 16 when he suffered a stroke a couple of years ago which left him with complete left-sided weakness, but it doesn’t stop him playing games like StarCraft, Battlefield and Team Fortress to a high level.

But he wanted to push himself further. And why not.

He already makes the most of his functional right hand by using a Razor Naga gaming mouse that has plenty of extra buttons on the side. We've added four foot switches so he can move his character around in first and third person games, and two smaller switches next to his mouse so that he can easily tap with his right hand. 

It’s made all the difference. He’s now beating his friends online and they’re struggling to match him. 

We’re chuffed that we can help Bradley achieve the high standards he’s aiming for. For him (and many of the fantastic people we see), inclusion isn’t just about joining in, it’s about taking on the best.

Below: One-handed genius, SpecialEffect ingenuity, and some tasty-looking biscuits.

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