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SpecialEffect News

04 Jun 2013

Harry's finally driving solo

Still buzzing from last week's visit by Harry, a smashing young lad who loves his games. His dad Paul had emailed us a while ago, saying:

'My son Harry (5) has cerebral palsy and loves computer games, but struggles with most of them. He loves playing on the Xbox with the Xbox steering wheel - I do the pedals and he (attempts) to steer! He's improving slowly, but if his input was somehow more controlled it would be more accurate.'

It was a pleasure to welcome him and his dad to our games room on Friday. He was completely absorbed with the games. "Harry tried several equipment setups when he was here," said Gav, "But he was really good using a specialised joystick along with some large button switches. I think a big thing for his dad was seeing him do it all himself - he was even coming in first place on F1 Race Stars!"

We'll be lending Harry the equipment setup as soon we can. And we've also got a cunning plan to switch adapt a Wii controller so that he can play Mario Kart with his family and friends.

As for Paul, he's delighted to be relinquishing the role of back-seat driver. And without getting myself into too much hot water, that's possibly more than can be said for many parents.

Below: "Shouldn't you be in second gear for that corner, son?"

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