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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

12 Jul 2017

Harry's right back on track

Harry’s stroke affected his left side, and although he can raise his arm he can’t actively move his fingers.

Gaming became so difficult he gave up.

That’s a tough choice to make for a teenager who loves FIFA and CoD Black Ops. So Harry and his father came to our Games Room to see if we could help. Cam, one of our Specialist Occupational Therapy team, takes up the story.  

“We started by showing Harry the remapping accessibility features to see if he could essentially play single handedly on the right side of the controller. That meant swapping the left and right analog sticks over and moving Switch Player to the the right bumper.”

“Harry was still finding it a strain to hold the controller continuously while playing, so we looked at mounting options. A trabasack lap tray did the trick, with the controller secured to a mounting wedge.”

The solution meant Harry could focus on taking on his opponents without over-working his right hand. His father looked on rather nervously as it transpires they’ll be battling it out at home for FIFA honours!

Now that he was a familiar with the remapping accessibility options, Harry worked with our team to figure out a custom button assignment to suit him for Call of Duty. It was great to see Harry leading the way in problem-solving and finding what worked best.

And just to round off his visit, he took on Project Cars and was quickly wreaking havoc in the most zooped up F1 car available!

Great to be able to get you back on track, Harry!

Below: Harry smashes Project Cars

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