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14 Feb 2013

Swearbox skullduggery! Get in on the act

Reports are coming in of underhand dealing in the murky world of SpecialEffect swearboxes.

One of the splendid team at Multiplay (pictured below) has negotiated herself 'swear licence', where a single large donation has covered all her swearing for a month. Gramble, who haven't even received their swearbox yet, are rumoured to be planning to work the currency exchange rate to our advantage from their offices in The Netherlands, and even the SpecialEffect fundraiser has successfully agreed a 'swear offset' deal with a mild-mannered member of staff who's now cussing like a trooper.

If you think that the threat of a fiscal drain for your bad language could trigger even greater ingenuity, email mark ( and he'll send you your very own shiny blue swearbox!

Below: Multiplay - the licencee's in there somewhere

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