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23 May 2017

Gaming through new eyes

Here’s an amazing award-winning short documentary by Berk Icel about Toby Ott, a man who was born with Bilateral Anopthalmia, or in other words, without eyes. This didn't stop him from discovering the medium of video games, and his childhood interest grew into a lifelong passion.

“Video games are difficult to play as they’re very visual, but I enjoy the challenge of learning games like Final Fantasy, just trying to do the same stuff that gamers do generally.” said Toby. “It’s just the thrill of spending time beating a hard game and thinking ‘I’ve beaten this without help after learning the ropes with my friends.' It’s an amazing feeling.

It’s an absorbing insight into the challenges of playing games for people with visual disabilities, and offers some practical insights on help that developers might offer when designing their games.

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