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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

14 Mar 2013

Gamble and win at i48!

Can't wait until this time next week when we'll be piling gear into the van and heading over to Telford for Insomnia, the UK's biggest gaming festival.

It's all courtesy of event organisers Multiplay who've given us the opportunity to shout out about how we get disabled people back in the game.

If you need a break from the gaming action during the weekend, you're more than welcome to amble over for a chat with us in the exhibition hall. We'll have a range of game setups to try out including mouth control, voice control and our Eye-control Dirt3 Challenge - for a quid you can pit your eyes against the road for the fastest lap and a chance to win a 2k games pack!

They'll not thank me for saying this, but it'd be worth winding up any of the Multiplay team over the weekend. They've pledged to donate 10p to us for each swearword, and by the looks of their ongoing donation totals, Stevie and Alexis might be the easiest victims to target...

Multiplay will also be running a Community Charity Poker Tournament in the tabletop gaming area late on the Saturday evening. Half of the proceeds from this will go to SpecialEffect!

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