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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

27 Nov 2014

Finding a way to play for Adam

A quick update about Adam. He’s 22, has muscular dystrophy and minimal use of his fingers, but he’s a passionate gamer.

He’s also a fantastic bloke. “Adam’s been waiting a long time for a new chair and he’s had very little opportunity to leave his bed,” explained one of his friends. “Despite this he never moans, always puts others first and continues to find ways to help others and to better himself by studying.”

We’ve visited him several times in the past to investigate a whole heap of access ideas - switches, voice controls, adapted controllers - and we modified a mouse for him so that he can make the most of titles like The Sims 4 on his PC.

It kept him rocking his games for a while, but recently he got back in touch. “My arm seems to be getting weaker. It’s moving the mouse that’s hard.” So we threw our gear in the van and hared off to see if we could help again.

The answer lay in the form of a sensitive joystick (sadly no longer made) that acts like a mouse. You can see him here using it with his right hand. It’s cunningly attached to his tray so it’s in position when the tray’s in its usual place. The mouse clicks are replaced by a chin switch and a finger switch. It’s a setup we’re still working on to perfect, but it’s keeping him in the game.

It’s a real honour to help people like Adam, and we’ll keep supporting him as his abilities change. And it’s only through your fundraising that we can keep doing what we do, so take a well deserved bow as well. Then sign up for GameBlast :-)

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