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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

29 Apr 2013

Urgent! Facebook Likes needed!

Could you spare just a couple of seconds of your time for a Facebook Like? It'll help us buy a very specific bit of kit we need, and Oxford's Clarendon Shopping Centre have promised us 10p per Like on their Facebook page towards the cost.

Here's the link, and thank you!:

The equipment is an crafty black box from Evil Controllers called an Adroit. It allows us to plug in all kinds of different switches and adapted joysticks into Xbox 360 controller so that people with disabilities have a chance to enjoy Xbox games like everyone else. It costs £250 and the few we already have are in constant use by our assessment team and loan library, so we desperately need more.

Below: Doesn't look like much, but the Adroit is just one of many commercially-available bits of kit that can be a game-changer for disabled gamers.

Shop 'til you drop! Join our Clarendon-sponsored abseil team!

Clarendon have also kindly a growing team of (fool)hardy abseilers who'll be chucking themselves off the top of our local hospital in June - and you can join them! What could possibly go wrong? And even if it does, you're right next to a hospital!

Below: Dangling on a rope hundreds of feet above a hospital car park. No, I don't know why she's laughing, either.

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