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SpecialEffect News

28 Nov 2013

Eye gaze for €500?

We've had quite a bit of interest in the €500 MyGaze Eye Tracker unit we were using at Eurogamer a couple of months ago. It's manufactured by Visual Interaction GmbH, and we were using it with DiRT 3 to demonstrate its potential to help (in some cases) disabled people to have fun playing games.

Eye gaze equipment has come a long way since its inception over twenty years ago. The prices have kept coming down too - it was only a few years ago that a system would set you back over £10k. The MyGaze is the first unit we've used in this way that costs less than four figures, and the cheaper the tech becomes, the more people with disabilities might be able to afford to try it.

It's only recently that you very generously raised over £7k via crowdfunding to buy a specialist eye gaze system that'll be loaned out to many people who might benefit from it. It may seem odd that we're now talking about a unit that costs a lot less, but let me ease your furrowed brow. Our MyGaze is a plug-in, general gaze-tracking device, whereas the system that you funded is a fully-featured, highly specialised gaze control system complete with a robust laptop and many peripherals that, crucially, we can lend as a complete package.

Here's our CEO Dr Mick putting the MyGaze through its paces. Probably worth stating at this point that we don't actually sell any equipment, we simply explore solutions for specific individuals in specific circumstances to enable them, and those supporting them, to decide for themselves.

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