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19 Dec 2017

Electronic Arts tell how George is playing again

Fantastic article from Electronic Arts that includes how we helped George rediscover his competitive streak! When he was just 17, he was involved in a car accident that left him with limited arm and hand movement, but he’s back playing hard against his friends thanks to a custom gaming setup that we worked out for him.

“I’m a competitive person… being able to play FIFA 18 has helped me massively with competition in my life. …it’s helped me through a tough time and gave me back a platform where I could compete on a level playing field.”

It’s a pleasure and an honour to be able to help George. He helped us launch our SpecialEffect FIFA 18 shirt recently and we've welcomed him as a SpecialEffect Ambassador. His competitive spirit runs deep - he used to be a hard-hitting defender at Worthing Football Club, now he’s the owner!

Below: George enjoying a game of FIFA with SpecialEffect Therapist Frankie

Electronic Arts tell how George is playing again

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