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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

11 Apr 2014

Duane’s back on the road to gaming

Great to welcome Duane to our games room recently. He has Motor Neurone Disease, and was frustrated that he’d lost the strength in his hands and fingers to use his PS3 joypad. He’d been looking forward to playing GTA5 and The Last of Us, and playing Lego games with his son.

“We got cracking straight away on GTA as it would be the hardest,” said our Gav, “If we could find a way to master that, then he could pretty much master anything.”

The movements that Duane had in each hand differed, but we’re chuffed to say that together we found a way for him to play. Here he is with a custom switch and joystick setup that makes the best possible use of his limited finger and hand movements.

“The extension on the analog joystick is a similar shape to one he uses on his powered wheelchair,” said Gillian, one of our occupational therapists. “It’s good for him because he can position the crook of his thumb and forefinger comfortably and securely around its smaller bottom part - which also gives him finger access to the L1 button on the joypad.”

The games room at SpecialEffect Towers is our favourite room; a special place where gamers and their families can have fun trying out a whole range of adapted gaming equipment. Although many of the people we help find it too difficult to travel to Oxfordshire (so we visit them in their own homes), it’s always a real pleasure to welcome people here.

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