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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

23 Sep 2017

David's racing away

David left SpecialEffect Towers with a huge smile on his face a few days ago. His spinal injury's restricted his movement to his and head and shoulders, and being a huge F1 fan he was hoping to try out some racing games on his games consoles back home.

He has great control with his chin and, courtesy of the brilliant remapping feature in Codemasters F1 2015, he was soon using the left stick on a PS4 controller for full car control, with forwards on the stick for accelerate and back for reverse. He also tried this set up on Dirt 4, which also allows for remapping, and got on really well!

Some driving games don’t allow us to remap the full controls to the stick, but using a Supernova Plus adaptor we were able to map accelerate and reverse to the stick and David had good fun playing Rocket league, with some head switches for boost and jump.

Finally, he had a look at the new Crash Bandicoot game for PS4, but using a head switch for jump and left analogue stick for player movement at the same time was difficult, so we tried some shoulder switches - much easier!

And all this is thanks to the Yogscast for their Christmas Charity Drive, where a family member heard about us and put him in touch! Only 14 weeks until next Christmas, by the way…

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