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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

11 May 2017

Dan's back in the fight!

Dan’s 24 years old and has muscular dystrophy. He’s a big gamer and loves FIFA, Battlefront, Fallout 4 and Skyrim on the PS4.

Because of his limited movement he’s recently been having difficulties coping with the size of the controller as well as most of the controls. He’d been managing to play using the brilliant remapping function in Skyrim but still found it tricky, so when he heard about us through an IGN podcast he got in touch.

When Frankie and Joe went to see Dan this week he told them he used to find the PS3 controller much easier to use due to its different shape and size, so we mounted a low force PS3 controller into the right position for him to reach the sticks and buttons without having to hold onto it. The team also added some ultra light switches on top of the controller to act as L1 and L2.

As you can see, it’s great to see Dan back prowling around.

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