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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

25 Feb 2017

Corey plays FIFA with his chin… hand… finger… leg… and head!

Corey LOVES football and really wanted to play FIFA again. Problem is, he has muscular dystrophy so his hands and fingers don’t have the strength to use a standard games controller properly. But he’s determined, so we visited him last week to see if we could help.

Turns out we could!

Ok, get this for a setup - a controller with a thumbstick extension mounted by his chin to act as the left analogue stick. A second controller on his lap (via an adapter) to access the right face buttons and right trigger and bumper.

In his left hand, a small switch via another adapter for R2 (sprint), plus a leg operated switch for swap player (L1). And the menus? A head-operated switch attached to his wheelchair headrest.

Complex, but totally worth it as the end. The result is a rekindled passion and inclusion for games, and an unbelievable boost to Corey’s quality of life. He’s SO happy to be able to play again!

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