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SpecialEffect News

23 Dec 2013

Christmas comes early for Ceyda

We’re so delighted for Ceyda, whose Christmas dream had been to play Disney Infinity. The bubbly eight year-old has cerebral palsy and struggles to use any games controllers. Her reflexes are slow, the buttons are too small for her and she has problems using more than one button at a time.

It was utter frustration for Ceyda. She’d only been able to watch her friends enjoying Disney Skylanders, and now realised there was little hope of joining in the excitement of Infinity.

In October, Disney’s Emily Gunnis was giving a Club Penguin tour in Brighton when she met Ceyda and her mum. They started talking, and it soon became apparent to Emily that there might be a solution to Ceyda’s frustration.

That afternoon Emily sent us an email. ‘I’m wondering if you might be able to help with something,’ it began.

Last week we visited Ceyda at her home in Brighton. We had a wonderful time working with her to discover if we could tailor a gaming setup to suit to her individual abilities, and by the end of the day she was over the moon to be up and running with Infinity.

“Thank you so much” said her mum. “Ceyda had a total ball playing computer games for the first time ever. She’s buzzing about being a gamer!”

We’re so pleased Ceyda can now join her family and friends in experiencing the magic of games. It’s just the start for her, and she’s already talking about the many titles she wants to try.

We must give a big thank you to Emily and the charity team at Disney. Without their referral we wouldn’t have been able to turn Ceyda’s frustration into infinite possibilities this Christmas.

Below: All smiles from Ceyda and Gillian. 

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