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19 Aug 2013

“I haven’t seen him smile like that for a long time!”

Christian’s mother is watching him play FIFA on his PlayStation, something both of them thought would never be possible again. Christian, a smashing lad from Wellingborough, has muscular dystrophy and has slowly been losing the movement in his hands. He loves video games, but had given up hope of being able to play again.

After a call from his stepfather, our team visited him at home. By the time we left, he was back in the game.

We harnessed his limited right thumb movement to operate a tiny low-force joystick. It’s perfect for really fine movement and, just as importantly, he doesn’t get tired using it. We also carefully mounted a couple of microswitches that he could press with slight movements of the fingers on his left hand.

With those two switches and a joystick, Christian can start to play a variety of games again.

We’ll be back to visit him again soon, armed with a free loan of all the equipment he needs to keep playing. We’ll also be looking at ways that he might be able to enjoy racing games, too.

“Thank you for coming to see Christian today,” tweeted his stepfather. “You've made a frustrated gamer very happy!”

Below: Christian playing FIFA 13

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