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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

01 Nov 2017

Charlie plays Rime

“He’s got wet hair!” Here’s a great little video of Charlie and his mum having a fantastic time solving a puzzle in the mysterious world of Rime.

Charlie’s a bubbly seven year-old who loved nothing better than playing games on the iPad, but he struggles to coordinate his movements, and his muscles sometimes get tired. His friends had started moving on to console-style gaming, but he was determined not to be left behind, so his mum contacted us to see if we could help as he’d never played before.

We introduced him to a range of Xbox One games, and he loved FIFA17. But, like many of us when we start to play, he tried to move his player by turning the controller like a steering wheel. Definitely more immersive, but far more tiring for him.

We found that fixing the controller in place with a clamp stopped Charlie’s extra movements and he was able to concentrate on moving his fingers to press buttons.

Eventually, Charlie wanted to try a different game and so we introduced him to one of our new favourites, an adventure-puzzle game called Rime. What we didn’t realise was that it would soon be his mum’s favourite too. They were soon working together to solve the puzzles, and it was lovely to see video games bringing a family closer together!

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