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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

14 Nov 2017

Booze-free Lucas celebrates dry spell target

There’s been some bruising, terrifying and ludicrous fundraising challenges taken on to help SpecialEffect but Lucas Cooper has just pulled off a challenge that few of us here as SE Towers would even begin to contemplate. He’s just completed twelve months without alcohol.

“I finished university three years ago now but for some reason I still think it's acceptable to go out and spend numerous amounts of cash on alcohol,” he says on his fundraising page.

“I decided to look at how much I was spending on alcohol each year and I was staggered by the results. I'm currently saving for a house and wasting money on alcohol is not feasible.”

So last November he set himself a challenge to go a whole year without alcohol.

“Those who know me will know how much I enjoy a beer and that this will be a big challenge - but one that I am committed to 100%.”

And that commitment has paid off. Not only has he completed the booze-free year, he’s raised nearly £500, lost weight, completed a half marathon and is running another one next year!

Fantastic effort, Lucas, thank you! We’re all raising a glass to you here! Can’t guarantee it’ll be a soft drink though…

Booze-free Lucas celebrates dry spell target


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