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SpecialEffect News

08 Apr 2013

Becky, Marta, Nick and a very big game

It's well past 6pm and I'm the only one left here, so rather than wash up the cups I'll tell you about Becky, who came here last Friday. She’s one of the best eye-gaze users we’ve had the pleasure to meet, and we spent an absorbing afternoon working with her looking at broadening the number of PC games she can play with her eyes, and also how she might be able to take control of PlayStation, Xbox and Wii games.

She’s an experienced Sims player on her PC but her limited arm movements make it a challenge for her to operate console controllers. She tried FIFA with a joystick and head switches, plus a selection of racing titles, but we haven't yet pinpointed the right way for her to get the best from these type of games.

So, no instant solutions this time – widening her gaming experience is going to be a slow burner, but she’s already emailed us about trying some setups for the PlayStation. Happy to oblige, Becky.

Chariots of fire

Talking of slow burners, here's our own Adonis of a fundraiser Nick Streeter featuring in his own inspirational London Marathon training video!

Marta's back!

We were over the moon to be able to re-employ the wonderful Marta Dabek last month – an utterly welcome addition to our overstretched assessment team. It’s and all thanks to your good selves that this has been possible, so THANK YOU! Rugby-playing Marta resumed her working relationship with Nick last week by shutting his head in a car boot. Bless.


Big game hunters

Have I told you about the Oxford United Legends v SpecialEffect game this weekend? Oh.

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