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SpecialEffect News

09 Mar 2017

Amandeep's bossing Killzone 3!

Your GameBlast17 donations are ALREADY levelling the playing field! Meet Amandeep, an amazing gamer with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He’s been playing FIFA in two-button mode with a custom Lepmis controller (the white unit in his hand), but really wanted to to tackle some FPS titles, something he’s not been able to do for a while.

Joe and Nomi went over to London last week to see if they could help. His muscles are weak, but his right hand control was good; he could click the two buttons on his Lepmis unit, so that was a great start.

He could also use a force-sensing joystick with his left thumb. It’s a tiny joystick that doesn’t move, but senses pressure on its sides, so it’s great for very weak or small finger movements.

Joe and Nomi set the joystick to act as the View control by switching over to left handed mode in the game, and attached a very small switch to it for walking forwards. They then remapped the two buttons on his Lepmis set up to act as Aim and Shoot.

That left Reload and Change Weapon to sort out. Turns out that Amandeep has good chin movement and can use it to hit a couple of small switches, which was perfect.

After a bit of practice, he was playing brilliantly in Killzone 3 on his PS3, and here he is bossing a headshot!

Thanks again for your support in raising over £100,000 through GameBlast17. It's going to help us bring this sort of gaming magic to hundreds of people!


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