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28 Apr 2017

Alfie's in control again

Some great work by the Joe and Gillian this week. They went to see Alfie, who’s nine years old and has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He’s been finding using his Xbox One controller difficult to use recently, especially the controls on the left hand side.

“Alfie uses some big stick extensions which really helps,” said Joe, “but reaching and pressing the left bumper and trigger is difficult. We found he had some really good movement in his left fingers, and so we positioned some lever switches in front of him on some foam to act as left click and bumper.”

“The left trigger was still tricky, but Alfie has some really good head movement and got on really well with a switch attached to his head rest.”

We’ll be loaning Alfie this special setup, and we’ll also be modifying a controller and making the right stick click and D-pad more sensitive and easier for him to use.

Alfie's a big fan of Forza Horizon, Roblox and Octodad which, as you can see, he’s loving being able to play again!

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