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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

12 May 2017

Aleena's iPad magic

Aleena’s six, and mad about all things iPad. She had a spinal injury a while ago and although she can use her right hand, she can’t bring her arm up to use her iPad or move her head down to look at it properly. It was a real barrier for her in playing games independently and sharing the fun with her twin sister Liba.

The challenge was to get her iPad in just the right position, so Cam and Hannah visited her this week with a special iPad clamp and a wheelable mounting arm. Aleena can now play in whichever room she’s in - and in her bed or her wheelchair!

She's loving the freedom and independence this simple solution has given her, and it was lovely to see the sisters battling it out against each other by the end of the day on the high score leaderboards. Go Aleena!

Below: Cam and Hannah look on as Aleena pauses before another iPad battle with her sister. 


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