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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

16 Jan 2017

Action stations for Steph

Camilla and Frankie went to see Steph in Portsmouth recently. She's an enthusiastic gamer with muscular dystrophy who, thanks to some clever repositioning and remapping of her controls, is now able to play Call of Duty and Little Big Planet 3.

As Camilla explains "Steph is a PS4 user but we found the DualShock3 felt much better in her hands – with the addition of lighter sticks and face buttons."

"We used a Supernova and LEPMIS-SAP box, a microswitch on the controller for Sprint, a switch behind both her heels for aim and shoot, and button remapping on the controller for the left trigger and bumper to move them over within reaching distance."

The modifications allowed Steph to have full control within CoD – rather than just using the automatic weapons - and she’d never been able to make her character sprint in all her years gaming so it was, in her own words, "awesome!"

Below: Steph's back in action

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