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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

07 Feb 2014

You've helped Ben to a GTA V record!

We’re running out of ways to say thank you, but once again we’ve indebted to Humble Bundle, Codemasters and everyone who bought Codie's games in Humble’s weekly sale. It means that we can help MORE PEOPLE THAN EVER!!! That, and the fact it’s only 14 days away from our GameBlast marathon weekend has kept us fizzing all week. 

The teams have been out and about helping people like Ben, who… aw, look, it’s probably better if he told his own story…

“Before I was disabled I used to play games to escape into my own world. My week was so busy it was a great way to relax on the weekend. But after I broke my spine, my hands had a limited range of movement and I was unable to manage the fine controls needed to play video games."

“I thought I was going to be stuck playing games with very simple controls, and my consoles began to collect dust as I lost interest. Then my uncle found out about SpecialEffect and how they might be able to help me to play the games I used to enjoy."

"After a very helpful trip to Oxford to meet the team I came away with a borrowed controller. Almost straight away I was able to play my favourite games that I hadn't played for over two years."

"Now that I'm used to playing with the new controller I'm even able to be competitive online. Just the other week I got a world record on GTA V in one of the races.”

"SpecialEffect have helped me not only get back to my games, but made it possible for me to play to the same level as before.”

Thanks Ben, and thanks to everyone who's helping us to make this kind of difference.

Below left: Some of the adaptions we've made to Ben's controllers

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