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SpecialEffect News

06 Jan 2014

A fantastic boxing day for Bradley, courtesy of Mondelez

Look at the beautiful boxes in this pic! Go on, feast your eyes:

They might look like humble boxes with sockets in, but they’re VERY SPECIAL boxes with sockets in.

These bits of kit are so often the key to letting people with disabilities get back in the game. They replace a standard games controller and allow switches of all shapes and sizes be used instead of the usual tiny buttons and joysticks.

We beg, borrow or buy them, then treat them with all the love given to newborn puppies, so to have FIVE of them custom made and delivered by a smiling Mondelez team just before Christmas made us happier than a slinky on an escalator.

The engineering team at Mondelez International (Matt Teare, Tony Saunders and Paul Saxton) built them for us in their workshop in Banbury. We’re absolutely made up that they’ve gone to such lengths to help people enjoy the benefits of video games.

One of the boxes was immediately dispatched to Bradley in Wales. He’s a very bright eight year-old whose cerebral palsy causes him a lot of involuntary movement. Using the buttons and joysticks on a standard controller isn’t really on the cards for him, so we’d tried out a range of switches to get him playing.

The Mondelez box reached him in time for Christmas, and with its help, he’s picked up FIFA and racing games really quickly!

Below: Bradley's off the starting grid

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