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About Tom

Tom Clark is football mad. He can’t get enough of it. When he’s not cheering on his beloved Liverpool he’s watching his local side Frome FC where he even sponsors some of the players.

But Tom has spinal muscular atrophy. That means when his mates go off for a kick about or run onto the pitch for a Sunday morning league game, he is sidelined. And, until he contacted SpecialEffect, Tom’s limited movement meant he wasn’t even able to enjoy a game of FIFA with his brother or friends.

Thanks to his determination and help from our team of occupational therapists and technology experts, those days are over. Tom now plays FIFA with the best of them.

"The first time I played my brother in 15 or 16 years I absolutely hammered him. About six or seven nil. That was quite a feat for me… There’s no real way to describe it fully, how SpecialEffect changed my life."

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