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About Reece

Reece is nine years old and has cerebral palsy. He’s crazy about football, but he struggles to use standard games controllers because he finds it hard to control his fine movements.

It looked like he was always going to be sidelined until he found out about us. He tried out a special controller which, to his delight, enabled him to play independently with his Dad for the first time. As a result they both eagerly visited our Games Room to put some different Xbox controller setups through their paces, looking specifically at ways that Reece could play football games like FIFA. He tried controllers with larger joysticks that he could grip more easily, and larger buttons he could press more accurately. 

He’s now borrowing a controller through our SpecialEffect Loan Library that gives him even greater control over the players' movement, kicking and tackling etc. Reece is back in the game, and he's already planning another trip to our Games Room to look at taking on a much wider range of games.

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