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About Jaime

Jaime has SMARD (Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Respiratory Distress). This means that she's unable to move her body or breathe for herself, but that doesn't stop her wanting to have fun.

Her parents brought her to our Games Room to see if we could find a way for her to to play, which may encourage her interaction and, consequently, her communication at this important stage in her development. During the visit we introduced her to an eye-controlled computer, which she took to immediately.

The team knew that this was the only way Jaime would be able to have independent control over something that could enable her to interact with those around her, so we arranged for the family to borrow a device for use at home. We then made home visits to set up games and communication software, including a way to control a toy train set to play with her sister and parents.

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