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About Holly

When Holly took ownership of a new wheelchair control system, she thought she'd be using it to steer herself sedately around the streets of North Yorkshire. But now she's careering around banked corners at breakneck speed and burning rubber with handbrake turns. Not, thankfully, at any danger to herself and the public.

Holly, who's a bubbly ten year-old with cerebral palsy, is racing cars on her PlayStation with her brother, something she's wanted to do for a very long time. She's controlling the cars through switches built into her headrest, which are normally used to steer her powered wheelchair. The SpecialEffect team have connected them to a PlayStation controller interface, giving her manoeuvres such as left and right steering, accelerate and brake. She's borrowing the interface from our Loan Library (we managed to get it to her in time for her birthday!) and her mum is delighted:

"I'm so grateful for your help. Holly's over the moon to be able to play with her brother - and she’s looking forward to trying FIFA 13 as well!”

If I were her brother, I'd be worried.

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