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About Charlotte

Charlotte's father is watching his daughter play a game on a computer. That’s nothing special for any average four-year-old, but Charlotte’s no average girl. She's special. She’s a bright, lively dynamo with an enormous appetite for life who contracted an aggressive form of meningitis when she was two, resulting in the loss of all four lower limbs.

She’s now busy getting on with her life, but inevitably there are activities that are simply too difficult – vital activities of play and social inclusion that her friends take for granted. Activities like computer games.

Charlotte brought her family and some of her friends to our Games Room to find out how she could level the playing field and start enjoying the benefits of computer-based leisure and learning. She spent the afternoon using the computer to enjoy bowling, colouring activities and jigsaws with her friends, and at the end of the day, the whole family left buzzing with new ideas about accessing fun and creativity together, including the possibilities offered by our cutting-edge eye-gaze systems.

“It’s unbelievable. She loves it! The stuff they do is amazing.They adapt all these controllers to specific disabilities.” – Alex, Charlotte’s father

We’re now working regularly with Charlotte, setting up and loaning her adapted controllers and games so that she can have join in the fun with everyone else.

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