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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

24 Aug 2017

Paul's voice controlled shooters

Here’s a short clip of Paul prowling around Call of Duty with the help of voice controls. We’d met him a few months back and helped him to play FIFA using a chin-controlled joystick and a couple of head switches, but it was time to tackle some shooters. So we went back armed with some different tech. Joe takes up the story.

“As well as Call of Duty, Paul’s a big fan of Mass Effect, which is really complex, with lots of controls. He was going to need more buttons, so tried some voice controls with Mass Effect Andromeda on PS4.”

“Paul really quickly picked this up, and using a laptop and a great bit of software called GAVPI he was quickly using 14 voice commands – and didn’t need the head switches anymore, which had become a bit uncomfortable to use over time.”

Great to see Paul tackling the games he loves again!

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