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16 Feb 2017

Jamchester is back on 23-25 June

Honoured to be the partner charity of Jamchester again! It's an annual, weekend-long video game and VR creation competition that takes place on Friday 23 June through to Sunday 25 June at The Studio event space in the heart of Manchester.

Teams of professional developers (and a sprinkling of up-and-coming student talent) compete onsite to create the best games in a weekend.

The first year sold out to 140 jammers and they'll be increasing this capacity for 2017.

The event is run by HackManchester and Gameopolis (Greater Manchester’s professional video game developers association).

Who will take part?

Teams will be 1 to 4 people. In 2016 the “Best VR Game” award also meant they were one of the biggest ever VR Jams.

The event is aimed at professional developers and they encourage existing large game development companies to send teams along and compete. Their goal is for companies to flex their creativity outside of their usual working environments.

As they also wish to encourage the next generation of developers, they assign a percentage of tickets to student entrants and have a “Best Student Game” category.

What do they make?

To level the playing field, the overall theme will only be announced at the start of the weekend and selected by the organisation team. There will be an overall main prize for game of the weekend and other smaller prizes based different categories.

For more details, please contact the awesome Claire Foster, Director of the Hack Manchester Team, at, @squarejazz,

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