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The aim of the SpecialEffect Loan Library is simple - to help everyone with a physical disability to find a way to play the games they love.

Without specialist help, it’s almost impossible for people with disabilities to match the game they’d like to play with a control device that works for them. As a result, they can only sit and watch while their brothers, sisters and friends have all the fun.

«The loan controller is amazing. It’s made me forget about my injury when I’m using it. Thanks for helping me gain a little normality back in my life.» 
Andrew, Loan Library recipient

There could be adapted control devices out there that could get you playing again. But choosing the right ones, setting them up, and making sure that everything (including you) is in the right position to make the breakthrough, could be an expensive process of trial and error. That's where our Loan Library comes in. It's a bank of adapted gaming equipment that backs up our advice and support service. It's loan kit you can put through its paces to ensure that it's suitable before purchasing.

But this involves much more than just simply sending out equipment. Where necessary we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that the loans work for you - through setup and advice visits in your own home, or by welcoming you to a trial session in our Games Room in Oxfordshire.

And if the loan doesn’t work, we’ll try something else until all the possibilities have been exhausted.

ImageSimon, who's 19, has muscular dystrophy and has been struggling to use his PS3 and Xbox. As his condition has progressed, he’s lost the movement in his hands and finds it increasingly difficult to use a controller. We visited him at home to find a way of using his remaining movement to enable him to play games. It took two visits, but eventually we found just the right positioning of adapted joysticks and switches to harness his limited range of movement. The Loan Library has enabled us to leave the complex technology setup in his home.

Interested in a loan?

Demand is outstripping our resources at the moment, but don’t let that stop you asking. If we can possibly help, we will. Contact Bill Donegan.

Supporting our Loan Library - why it matters

With thousands of games and thousands of specialised ways for someone with a physical disability to control them, it’s not surprising that people simply don’t know where to start. That’s why our Loan Library is such an invaluable - and unique - service.

It costs thousands of pounds each year to keep our Loan Library up-to-date with life-changing equipment. As an individual or a company, your support of our Loan Library will make a huge difference to the quality of life for thousands of people. Help us make it game on for everyone. Contact Nick Streeter.

Download Loan Library Funding Booklet (444Kb pdf)