Why GameBlast?

Thousands of people want to share your passion for video games, but their disabilities stop them playing any of the titles you're fanatical about.

People like Ben, who lost a major part of his life when he lost the ability to play video games because of spinal muscular atrophy. But with our help, he's back in the game. The sponsorship you raise through GameBlast16 can help us change the lives of many more people like Ben by bringing the fun and inclusivity of gaming back into their lives.

If you’re passionate about games, GameBlast16 is the perfect way have fun AND raise money to level the playing field for people with disabilities.

How does it work?

It's dead simple. You run your own gaming marathon or gaming event (pub quiz, gamer bake, firewalk, dress up/down day, etc) at your own convenience. All we ask is that you hold your event sometime during the weekend of 26-28 February if possible, and that you register with us so that your fundraising helps us reach the GameBlast target of £150,000.

You can take part as an individual, as a group of friends or as an organisation - you've got the freedom to have as much fun as possible in your own way.

For more details and inspiration about how you can get involved, hop over to our FAQ page

How your donations help

The sponsorship you raise through your GameBlast16 marathon and events will help us change the lives of many more people like Ben. It’ll let us visit people to find out exactly what they want to play, and what they need to play it. We'll then match, modify or create equipment to lend to them, and give support so they can get the best out of it.

Your support is vital because we don’t charge for anything we do, and we don’t sell any equipment. We simply aim to do whatever it takes to raise the quality of life for everyone we work with.

Last year around 90% of your donations went directly into our frontline work with people with disabilities, so we won't be wasting your money. The other 10% kept the charity running so that we could keep on doing what we do.

Find out more how we’re making a difference. Our YouTube channel features the stories of Callum, Ajay, Becky and many others, whose gaming journeys have been kickstarted by your help.

GameBlast so far

During the first two GameBlast weekends in 2013 and 2014, gamers from across the world raised a total of over £200,000! As well as the hundreds of individuals and teams that took part, over 50 games companies have backed the events including GAME, Ginx, Twitch, Jagex, SEGA, Bossa, KING, Gamer Network, Frontier, Team17, Radiant Worlds, Fragers and Insert Coin.

We're genuinely blown away by the huge amount of support that we’ve had from gamers and the gaming industry all over the world. Everyone who contributed will make a massive difference, changing the lives of hundreds of people with disabilities who can only watch everyone else experience the many benefits of video games. A huge, heartfelt thank you from all the SpecialEffect team.”

We're aiming for £150,000 in 2016, so we're going to need all the help you can give. Come and join us, it's going to be a fantastic weekend! Here's our CEO Mick to persuade you:

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